Andrews Products Camshafts; Twin Cam’07-17, 67H Grind with Chain Drive. Includes Dyna’06-17 (Set)


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Product Details
* Performance cams for 95-107+ inches, 10.0 to10.8 C.R. with high flow head setup. (2600-6400+ RPM).

* Designed for use with High Lift Springs

* Camshafts on all BT’07up and FXD’06up use

Roller Chain Cam Drives. BT’99-06 Cams will not fit. This Cam Set is designed for use with stock H/D hydraulic lifters.

* Matching EZ-install pushrods kits are also available from Andrews. EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes when installing bolt-in cams hafts.

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