Draft Kawasaki Z1 4 into 1 Stainless Exhaust System


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High Performance Stainless Steel exhaust system.

Exhaust Pipe: 42.7mm produced to fit the Z series engine precisely.

● Extremely beautiful 42.7mm pipes that match the Z-class car model have a beautiful line that reminds us of “hand bending” that draws a large arc with a highly accurate 3D bender.

● Collector:  At first glance, the collector that reminds us of 4 into 1 adopts the 4 into 2 into 1 system that gathers No. 1, 2 and 3, 4. While generating torque that overflows from the low rpm range, it achieves chest expansion in the high rpm range.

● Silencer:  straight and Monaca (short & long) are available in 3 types. The convertible design allows you to easily change the specifications to your liking by using the same collector layout and preparing a repair tail assembly.

● Baffle:   The standard turn-out baffle with removable baffle has excellent sound deadening effect. By using the optional baffle, it supports from winding to circuit, and demonstrates excellent performance from low speed to high speed.

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